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English-Language Editing Services

We strongly recommend that authors who are not native English speakers have their manuscripts professionally edited before submission. A professional edit will improve spelling, grammar and punctuation, and this will enable the reviewers to make a clear assessment of the content of the manuscript.

Listed below are a number of companies who, for a fee, offer language editing services in medicine and life sciences.


  • Websites available in Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish and Italian
  • Texts are edited by up to three independent editors, including a subject-specific editor and a grammar expert
  • Authors submitting their work to the BioScientifica group of journals benefit from a 10% discount
  • Express editing in less than 48 hours is available
  • Secure and confidential information available in Korean

BioScience Writers

  • Free, no-obligation trial edit and cost estimates
  • Native English-speaking PhD and MD editors with expertise in hundreds of research areas, including all endocrinology-related fields
  • Rapid turnaround and personalized service
  • Internationally recognized English-language editing for the life sciences since 2001
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

Author Services from the Charlesworth Group

  • Website available in English and Chinese
  • Helpdesk: real-time email/telephone support in English and Chinese
  • 'Ask the editors' email address for answers to any editorial/writing questions by in-house experts
  • Bi-monthly newsletter with tips and tools on writing and publishing issues, distributed free of charge to all website registrants
  • Editing can be tailored to each 'target' journal for submission


  • Website available in Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, Chinese, German and Portuguese
  • Providing English-language editing and author support services worldwide since 2002
  • Subject-area specialists; BELS-certified editors
  • Extensive experience helping English second-language authors
  • ISO-certified
  • Quality guarantee for every document edited

Please note that this list is not exhaustive and that none of these companies is associated with Bioscientifica. It is entirely authors' responsibility to contact the company and arrange payment. Use of an English-language editing service is not compulsory and is no guarantee of publication.