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Creating an account allows you to customise your visits to the website and quickly access your starred (favourite) case reports. Any searches that you perform throughout your session, and any saved searches, are displayed. You can also create email alerts and RSS feeds tailored to your subjects of interest.

To create an account, click ‘Register’ under the 'Tools' heading. You will be asked to enter your name and email address and also create a password. 

The toolbox also allows you to easily share links to case reports via email or social media, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, and print out case reports.


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Search tips

  • The search functionality can be enhanced by using the Boolean operators OR, AND and NOT. Words within a search term are assumed to be connected by OR unless otherwise specified.
  • Parentheses can be used to create more specific searches: ("thyroid" AND ("cancer" OR "carcinoma")) NOT "papillary".
  • To include both search terms: +thyroid +cancer
  • To include one search term but not another: +thyroid -cancer
  • To search for an exact phrase: “thyroid cancer”
  • The wildcard character can be used to search for fragments of words (e.g. child*), or in place of special characters such as the umlaut (ü) or e-acute (é) (e.g. Andr*). Any characters after the wildcard in the same word will not be included in the search and should therefore be omitted.
  • Searches are case-insensitive.

Citation manager software

When viewing a case report or search results, citations may be exported in RIS format. For questions or assistance with your citation manager program, please contact the program provider directly.

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